Friday, July 30, 2010

My Two Cents Worth....

I am the lucky recipient of an ARC of one of my favorite authors.  For those of you who don't know, ARC stands for Advance Readers Copy...I got this opportunity by blogging on Moonlight to Twilight.  Ms. Moonlight offered the book to her fellow bloggers on the stipulation that they write a review of the book.  I told her I would be more than glad to give her 'My Two Cents Worth"!  So here it is...

by Cheryl Brooks
Paranormal Romance
pgs 366
Sourcebooks Casablanca

     I can honestly say the Cat Master has done it again!  Cheryl Brooks Cat Star Chronicles tell the tale of the Zetithians.  A people that have cat like features, kitty eyes, pointed ears and they purr.  The males are extraordinary in their ability to give females, of other races as well as their own, multiple orgasms with just their snard.  These stories follow a small group of soldiers who were captured and sold into slavery after they lost the war with many enemies.  Some known, some not.  Their struggle to survive after their home world was destroyed.

     The latest book Hero, is Trag's story.  I know myself and many of Cheryl's fans have been waiting for this one.  Trag had always been under is brother Tychar shadow.  Now that Tychar is a famous rock star and has found his mate, Kyra.  Trag has feelings for Kyra that he keeps hidden.  He has sworn not to mate till can find a Zitithan female.  Remember:  Be careful what you ask for.

     Micayla and Windura have been accused of murder. Their only choices are death, slave ship or run, taking the first exit they can find.  Their exit is an air lock to a ship that is readying to leave the space station.  This lucky series of events puts the ladies on the same ship as Trag. At the first meeting of Trag and Micayla, a female Zetithian, she hisses at him.  Not a way to start a friendship.

     The story revolves around Trag and Micayla learning what it is to be Zetithan. Neither had a real Zetithian upbringing, Trag was taken as a slave at a young age and Micayla was raised on Earth.  The pitfalls of not knowing what is normal for their species can make for some interesting discourse between two cats who are attracted to each other and don't really realize it.  To add spice to the story, it is reveled who had enough of an axe to grind with the Zetithians to destroy their home world plus offer a bounty for every one killed!

     Nope I don't do spoilers, if I can help it.! Sorry, you will just have to read the book.  It's  coming out in August.  I recommend it and all of Cheryl's other books.  To be read in order or alone.  Cheryl can take you to the outer reaches of space, jungle planets, desert planets, and even Earth look-a-likes.  Her words take you there.  You feel the humidity of the jungle,  the heat of the dessert, feel the grass between your toes.  You can see the people she describes, like they were your neighbors and you were looking out your window.  The interaction between the characters is amazing.  You feel their anger, pain and the love between them.  You care about these characters, you take them with you where ever you go.  Cheryl does have a way with words that make her books a wonderful escape into her worlds.


  1. Awesome review. You nailed it without giving anything away. And you're so right. Cheryl makes these strange alien life forms, seem as real as you and me. And her stories are fun and real sexy. And we know she's a fun person too.

  2. Terrific review, Jessica:) I'm glad the time is short until I can get my copy of HERO. See ya on the blog:D