Monday, January 18, 2010

Gotta love the cats....

I've been trying to set up my links for my challenges, and still having problems. Oh well it's just me I'm sure. I'll figure it out the mean time...

I was fixing breakfast after an early morning failure on the linkage...and had left my computer on. After a bit my screensaver came up, at least one thing was's of a koi pond...very relaxing...I always new I'd have a koi pond of my own one day.

Anyway...while fixing eggs and ham, no not the green kind, I happened to look over and found my cat, Smoky, sitting in my chair, staring at the computer. I could here the music attached to my screensaver and knew she was watching the fish swim was hilarious...she would hear something behind her, the other cat, but wouldn't take her eyes off the screen. Her ears would just swivel to catch other sounds. She is such a great cat, love her dearly. Well, I love both of them, Smoky is a funnier feline.


  1. Hi Jessica! Cats are great.
    About the side bar.
    If you want to put a photo of the challenge icon. First copy the photo into a file on your computer.
    Then go your Blogger layout and pick 'picture', now upload your challenge photo. Then there is a link area, you can link the photo to the blog that is hosting the challenge. Simply go to the blog with the challenge, copy the url and paste it with the photo of the challenge.
    I hope I am explaining this better for you.

    Good luck!!



  2. Thank you Ms. M. The info does help, now let's see if I can do it. lol

  3. Ms M you are a worked....thanks