Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Winning Story

A new story by Jade Lee has all the ear marks of a great read.  W!inning the Bride, due out July 2, 1013, is another feather in her cap! 

The story of Joesphine and Will is a well told story of love, misunderstanding, social strictures and winning.  This is a book of the desire for someone that society says you can't have but you go for anyway! Two people caught up in trying to do the right thing, and destorying themselves in the process.

The truth will set you free, or at least set you free enough to go for what you want.  Joesphine is a dutiful daughter with a free spirit she tries to control to keep her father and mother happy. Will is the second son who now works for the man his sprend thrift older brother sold the family lands to.  When these two unhappy and free spirits meet, the seed for their freedom is sown, they just have to find the courage to set it free.  When Jo's father tries to marry her off to a Scotman, who wan's the land,  but not her, Will throws caution to the wind and his hat in the ring.  Blocked at every turn, Will determines to seduce Jo, marry her and get his families land back.  His introudcing her to seduction and loving is told in a very passionate way, hot, but not erotic. I'd keep a glass of ice water at hand, if I were you.

A book worth reading, and if the series continues, which I think it will, worth re-reading as the new books come out.

Sorry about the typos, I'm trying to get this done before I leave on vacation...and my cat and computer are not co-operating! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I love Romance!

I was very lucky to have been chosen by Maggie Robinson to receive an ARC of her latest book "Lady Anne's Lover".  All she asked was to have me review the book.  So here I am. For myself, I think I got the better end of the deal.

It seems as though no matter what Lady Imaculata Anne Egremont has done, or could possibly do, will keep her nightmare at bay. A man of influence and trust in her life has betrayed her and now she trusts no man. Since all her options have been exhausted, she does the only other thing she can think of...she runs away.

Major Gareth Ripton-Jones crawled into a bottle about a year ago, and has yet to reach bottom.  After returning from the war, whole, he is jilted by his childhood sweetheart, then falls off a tenant's roof, shattering his arm.  His days pass in a alcoholic fog till his new house keeper, Anne Mont, arrives. If he can survive her coffee, he can survive anything!

As these two people meet and get to know one another, and see themselves as they never have, they realize, well I hate to do a spoiler, but they realize they actually like each other. Now all they have to do is find a murder and neutralize Anne's nightmare.

Set in Wales, after the Peninsula War, Ms. Robinson brings the Walesh country side and her characters to life on each page. Drama, romance, giggles, and down right laughter keep you turning the pages! Romantic situtations can being a blush to the cheek, the murder mystery can bring a hitch to your breath, and regret the "the end" as the last page turns. I recommend this and all of Maggie Robinson's books to those who like a good, well told story.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I've gotten out of the habit....

I tell you this is tough!  Once you skip a day or two, maybe a month or two, whatever, it's really hard to back into blogging.  Nothing but rain, humidity and high temps have been going on around here.  So I got nothing new to complain about!  Ha Ha....I'll try to watch the news tonight and see if there is somthing worth blogging about for tomorrow.  Till then, Bye, y'all!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Governement may shut down!

Well whoope poo!  We elected these idiots to run our government and they can't even get that right.  There is no reason what so ever to shut the govenment down.  There is also no reason we don't have a budget agreement to keep the government running either.

It took years to get us into the shape we are in, it's not all President Obama's fault.  President Bush is the main bad guy in my opinion.  Did you know as President Clinton left the White House, we had a balanced budget!
Will wonders never cease, a Democrat in the White House and a balanced budget!!!!

I'm not saying Democrats are all right, but neither are the Republicians.  It is a matter of comperise, balance, and doing the right thing for the country.  We didn't get into this mess over night, we are not going to get out of it overnight.  And acting like a glory hound, hey Mr Speaker, are you listening...will not get the job done.  Closing down the government for the ideals of a few will do more damage to the rest of us, than good for those few.  Get over yourselves...this is not about your 15 min. of fame, it's about the citizens, all the citizens, of this country.  Not just the rich, not just the poor.  All of us.  Too bad those in the House have fogotten us. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's April Fools day...

Did you ever wonder how this day came about?  Me either!  However it is Friday...TGIF!!! Have a good weekend people.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's all about balance....

Life is about balance.  Balancing work and home, God and state, work and play, the list can go on forever...
Too bad our Representatives and Congressmen and women don't get it.  Their thought processes seem to be so geared for the short term, they can't or won't see the big picture. 

In order to get the budget in hand they are undermining our future.  Cut's that we, as a nation can't afford.  The best example is to education.  How can we expect the majority of our children to amount to anything without an adequate education.  As it is now, only those with a lot of money can afford to buy their kids a good education.  The rest of us have to do the best with what is offered by the city/state we live in, and that is being cut into as your read. 

It's shameful the way we expect those who can barely keep a roof over their head and food on the table to keep accepting that they have to pay out more in taxes per income earned than those who can afford spend $37,000 on a dog house.  Yes I did read that in some mag a few years back.  Anyone else thinking flat rate income tax!  It would ease the budget crunch to do away with all those loopholes and writeoff's. 

And if you think that this will dry up the money given to charities, don't believe it.  With the exception of a few who really give, most donations come from those people who can't afford it, but give anyway.

Did you know that Henry Ford, once he made it big with his car company, lived on 10% of his income and gave the rest away.  I think it was to his church, but I'm not sure.  I wonder if anyone else in his family since then , has done the same?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What is wrong with the Government today...loaded question huh?

I know we are in financial trouble.  You  know we are in financial trouble.  Have been for years.  Why is it that NOW governments across the U.S. are looking for ways to cut expenses.  As far as I'm concerned, governments are the custodians and guardians of...well, us.  They take our money through taxes for services like firemen, police, trash pick up and what have you.

Then when a financial crises arises what do they do, they cut those services to those who have paid in more and can least afford the cuts.

Education: our future, instead of cutting funds they should be adding to them.
Elderly:  what do you expect these people to do, die and free you of any responsibility.
Public Safety: the less police and firemen around, the more crime.

The cuts the Federal and some State governments are proposing just highlights the differences between the haves and have-nots. 

Those that have can live where they want.  Those that have-nots, live where they can.
Those that have can afford good food for themselves and their families.  Those that have-nots feed their families what they can afford, and it's rarely good.
Those that have can afford to send their kids to good schools. Those that  have-nots are lucky to send their kids to school with the basic necessities.

I heard in high school that Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, used to live on 10 percent of his income.  He gave the rest of it away. He was no Secret Millionaire, he was just a good man.  To bad all those haves of today are no where near Ford's generous nature.