Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DIK Review...All the Queens Men

All the Queens Men
Linda Howard
pgs 332
Pocket Books
Mystery Romance

     It took me a bit to figure out the title.  I think I get it, but I'm just not sure.  I did not consider this a romance novel. It's more of a spy thriller with romance in it.  There are three love stories involved, two involving three people, and the third, a father who would do anything for his child.  Of course, as with any good book, and this is one, the characters pull you into their lives and their stories.  You cry with them, laugh with them, have your heart broken with them, and it's worth every ping, pang and heartbeat.

     John Medina is an enigma, a spy of the highest caliber.  he is on a mission with a newly married couple and two other men.  In the mountains of Iran a lab is mixing Anthrax for terrorists.  The job is to take out the lab, then get the hell out of Dodge.  One three go in, the boss, Medina and the new wife, who is also a spy for hire like her husband, stay behind, out of the way.  Of course Murphy;s law kicks in and the mission goes to hell fast.  Niema listens as her husband of five months is gut shot and blows the lab on the command of Medina.

     Five years later Niema is pulled back into the front lines by Medina.  For years Medina had been keeping tabs on Niema, he has desired her since first learning of her from her husband.  He kept his distance, thinking she would blame him for her husbands death, she did not.  He kept his distance thinking she would get on with her life, she did not.  When she didn't move on, he moved in on her, pulling back into the adrenaline rush of the spy biz.  Slowly they realize their love for each other.

     The target this time, an illegal arms dealer.  The job is to get information only he has about a new explosive device.  During the mission Niema discovers the dealers secrets and uses them to the Company's advantage.

     I really like All the Queen's Men, even if I don't get the title, and give it 5 out of 5 WOOTS!

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  1. This is my favorite Linda Howard book - I love the steamy sexy tension between the hero and heroine. I have re-read this book over and over since it was first released many years ago. My book is near falling apart!