Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menage means three stories of Menage's it is!!!

I am recovering from a blasted cold, so all I did this weekend was sleep, eat and read...hope you enjoy...

Blackmailed by Annmarie McKenna
Being treated as a non-person by her father her whole life, Caroline Waytt, was surprised when her overbearing father asked her to go for a ride.  Little did she know that ride would change her and her brothers lives, in unexpected ways.

Andrew Waytt has a son, but he is not perfect.  So he decides to blackmail his daughter into having sex with, and giving birth to a boy with a perfect specimen, Cole Masters.  If she did as she was told, and give up her child to him, he would allow her to keep her blind, half-deaf brother out of an institution.  Though they would both be thrown out of his house, the only home either had ever know.

When Cole finds out about Waytt's idea, he is disgusted.  But after meeting Caroline for the first time, he knows he wants her, and will have her and share her with his best friend Tyler Mc Kenna. 

As the story progress, there are many ups and downs.  Lives destroyed and lives saved. And a bond that is unshakable.

My only complaint in the story is the over domination of Caroline.  The submissiveness is a tad overdone and it detracted from the story.  Submissiveness in the bedroom  or during sex elsewhere is one thing, but Cole and Tyler act like she can't do anything on her own.  Even feed herself.  They are uber Alpha to the point, at time, of ridiculousness.

I liked the story overall, but was put out with the uber Alphas.  4 out of 5 WOOTS.

Menage a Magick by Lora Leigh

Set in a different world where magick run throughout, Brianna has been sequestered away from men and brainwashed by a nursemaid to fear men in general but the Wizards in particular. For generations twin Wizards had one mate and she was one of the Princesses of Covenani. Then a disaster upset the traditions, and as the Covenani and the Wizards went their separate ways, the magick started to fail.

In an effort to save their world, the Queen of the Covenani and the Wizards attempt to revive the old ways to stave off the destruction of their world through the loss of the magick.

Betrayal by a loved one, and accepting what can't be changes set Brianna into a new level in her life.

Simple story style compared to her more recent books, I like Menage a Magick and give it 4 out of 5 WOOTS!

Last but not least...
Make Mine Midnight by Annmarie McKenna

After 10 years Mason and Hunter and found their dream girl, again.  They loved her from afar in High School, to geeky in their own minds to approach her. But finding her,  quite by accident, they intend to make  Claire their own.

Claire has always felt herself to be a Wallflower. Till the New Year's Eve party throw by a neighbor and friend.  There as she takes notes, and too much punch, she is approached by, not one, no, two gods.  As they dance as a three-some Claire finally recognizes Mason and Hunter as two computer geeks she wanted to get to know better in High School, but was too shy to approach.

Does she or doesn't she....does she jump in with both feet for the chance of a lifetime, or does she close the door and play it safe???

I really liked this story, 5 out of 5 WOOTS from me!

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  1. Well done Jessica!
    I read "Blackmailed" during last years March Menage Month!