Thursday, March 11, 2010

Menage Reviews...late is better than never...

Raw Silk by Delilah Devlin e-Book

     It starts out simple enough, a middle aged business woman, two younger men, one night of hot sex with no ties or obligations!  The only problem is, she thinks its for one night only, one of the men is thinking, good no strings but only one night? the other is thinking, hey, I could make a habit of this fine thang.

     Camille and her business partner, Lacey, own a negligee shop that is expanding by leaps and bounds.  Raw Silk has something for every woman, every need, every wish. Well, except for the owners.  No men to call their own.  One night a bad date getting worse, what could improve the evening but being rescued by two gorgeous fire-fighters.  Then being sandwiched between them for a night of hotter than hot sex.  WOW.

     As the book progresses so do the sexual encounters,  first a manage, then f/f ( guys no mud or jello), even one quick m/m that turns into a little four way.  Move over Skyline Chili!  It's interesting to see how their one night stands turns into two life time commitments.

     I liked this story, it was an interesting and easy read.  I don't know is all the situations could have/would have played out as written, but it was a good read.  I give Raw Silk 4 out of 5 WOOTS!

Overheard by Maya Banks e-book
     Luke has a best friend who is also a woman.  They have a one-up manship friendship, and Luke is behind.  Gracie can hunt, fish and drink with the best of them, but she is having a hard time finding her a Man, with a capital M.  She is tired of being asked what pleases her and having to spend the "best" of her sexual encounters on her knees.  To date, all her boyfriends have been wimps, at least to her.  She wants a man to take control and give her what she wants and need.  Spanking , a little bondage, even a manage is what she wants.  After overhearing Gracie explain why she dumped her latest boyfriend, Luke decided to give Gracie the best Valentine's Day Present, him...and Wes.

     Luke talks Gracie into a date, then another, then a weekend away.  If she is interested, oh yeah, she's interested all right, she just wasn't expecting Wes to show up too.  After a major misunderstanding, some major groveling and talking, all works out for the best.

     I like Maya Banks.  Her storytelling ability is consistent in every book of hers that I have read.  I can just see things happening like they do in her stories.  This story is no exception.  I give Overheard 4 out of 5 WOOTS!

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