Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthday Blues.....

Yep, at the end of next week I'll be a year older. May 28 is B-day.  A grand whooping 53 years old.  I know to a lot of people that is young.  One of my co-workers Mom just turned 102, no kidding! To others, ancient. For myself, I don't feel my age, unless you account for the aches and pains in my knees, then I'm over 200!  lol  Other than that, I don't look my age, definitely don't think my age ( what ever that means) and I'm glad to still be alive.  My live has been rather dull, not that I'm complaining, too much. 

There are those who life has been filled up with disasters (Hurricane Katrina, the flooding in Nashville etc.)  that kind of excitement I can do without, I'm sure they could have done without too.  Others have excitement of children graduating High School and College...congrate to you all.  Others go even farther by finishing another book, or record, or world tour.  Winning the Tour de France, or the Stanly Cup.  For me, it's SSDD, and you know, that's all right.  I have a son whose life is not great right now, but he is not a quitter.  I've received many complements over the years at what a great kid he is etc.  So I know my life has not been a waste. 

My life might not be the stuff of Nobel Prizes, Academy Awards or Congressional Medals of Honor but...I've done OK.  I brought into this world a person who will leave a good mark where ever he goes and what ever he does. That's good.  I think I've been the type of person who people will remember fondly and with good humor. And that's good enough for me.  Maudlin ain't I.  It's no where the end for me, I'm just feelin' the Birthday Blues.  Hey, great name for a song, huh?  Too bad I can't carry a tune.LOL

Ok, so maybe having a Birthday isn't so bad after all! 

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