Monday, May 24, 2010

DIK Reading Challenge Review...I almost forgot to do this....

by Eve Kenin
312 pgs.
Shomi (Dorchester Pubilshing)
Futuristic Romance

Set in the frozen Northern hemisphere after an apocalyptic scourge had wiped out 30 percent of the human population.  Life is hard and the people harder.  Based around the idea of survival, humans try to settle the Waste Lands of the North.  Supplies, food, and grain are a must.

When one man set himself up as ruler of the North, no one has the courage to stand up to him.  Those that do, die.  A sadistic individual, he uses pain and terror to keep those who would stand up, under his rule.  Using his trucking business to rule the roads and the territory with an  iron fist.

Raina Bowen is determined not to let this madman dictate to her.  She is going to win a race to get grain to the settlers and win the prize money she needs to take care ot the little sister she didn't know she had.  On the way she 'rescues', or so she thing, Wizard, a fellow trucker and more.

I didn't really like this book, I figured out about three-fourths of the way through, I'd read it before and didn't remember it at all.  The characters are two dimensional and don't really have chemistry.  The Waste land had more character and depth than the people.

I give this book 2 WOOTS.  Flat characters and too predictable.  There are those who will love this book, and I'm sure they will be upset with me.  It is what it is.  Till next time.

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  1. So sorry you didn't care for the book but I guess different strokes, right? :) Have a great vacation!