Sunday, May 30, 2010

Well, that went too Quick!!!

One more day and my vacation is over!  Well damn!  Where did the days go? 

Can't say I didn't have a good time, I had fun, even with the overabundance of heat that we have had here lately.  I treated my self to a movie, Prince of Persia, (I do recommend it). Went shopping, more that once.  Even had my teeth cleaned.  That one is a necessary evil!  But it just didn't last long enough.  I want more. More shopping, more movies, more days home reading the books I just got!

Oh well, there is a price to be paid for the days that we play.  Work! Work! Work!  I'm just glad I like my job! ... and look forward to my next vacation.  There is a reason to this madness!

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