Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's all about balance....

Life is about balance.  Balancing work and home, God and state, work and play, the list can go on forever...
Too bad our Representatives and Congressmen and women don't get it.  Their thought processes seem to be so geared for the short term, they can't or won't see the big picture. 

In order to get the budget in hand they are undermining our future.  Cut's that we, as a nation can't afford.  The best example is to education.  How can we expect the majority of our children to amount to anything without an adequate education.  As it is now, only those with a lot of money can afford to buy their kids a good education.  The rest of us have to do the best with what is offered by the city/state we live in, and that is being cut into as your read. 

It's shameful the way we expect those who can barely keep a roof over their head and food on the table to keep accepting that they have to pay out more in taxes per income earned than those who can afford spend $37,000 on a dog house.  Yes I did read that in some mag a few years back.  Anyone else thinking flat rate income tax!  It would ease the budget crunch to do away with all those loopholes and writeoff's. 

And if you think that this will dry up the money given to charities, don't believe it.  With the exception of a few who really give, most donations come from those people who can't afford it, but give anyway.

Did you know that Henry Ford, once he made it big with his car company, lived on 10% of his income and gave the rest away.  I think it was to his church, but I'm not sure.  I wonder if anyone else in his family since then , has done the same?

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