Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Governement may shut down!

Well whoope poo!  We elected these idiots to run our government and they can't even get that right.  There is no reason what so ever to shut the govenment down.  There is also no reason we don't have a budget agreement to keep the government running either.

It took years to get us into the shape we are in, it's not all President Obama's fault.  President Bush is the main bad guy in my opinion.  Did you know as President Clinton left the White House, we had a balanced budget!
Will wonders never cease, a Democrat in the White House and a balanced budget!!!!

I'm not saying Democrats are all right, but neither are the Republicians.  It is a matter of comperise, balance, and doing the right thing for the country.  We didn't get into this mess over night, we are not going to get out of it overnight.  And acting like a glory hound, hey Mr Speaker, are you listening...will not get the job done.  Closing down the government for the ideals of a few will do more damage to the rest of us, than good for those few.  Get over yourselves...this is not about your 15 min. of fame, it's about the citizens, all the citizens, of this country.  Not just the rich, not just the poor.  All of us.  Too bad those in the House have fogotten us. 

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