Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cat's Rule...

I was reading one of my challenges books last night and had to stop because of my cat, Smoky. She looks like a Russian Blue except for her eyes which are mostly yellow. I fixed spaghetti last night for dinner and must of dropped a few on the floor. Well, she found a piece or two. There is nothing like hearing a commotion in the kitchen and seeing a cat walk out, calm as you please, with a piece of dried spaghetti in her mouth. My other cat, Zero, blame my son he named him, was chasing her trying to swat the spaghetti. I couldn't stop laughing!!! He finally broke the piece she had to get a piece of his own. Too much!

Later I caught Smoky in the kitchen again trying for another piece of spaghetti. She had one paw on a piece while trying to snare it with the claws of the other paw. Yup, you guessed it, the thing broke and went flying. The look on her face was priceless...OOOO, something to chase!!! Both cats hit heads trying for the run away piece. Again my reading was interrupted while I wiped the tears from my eyes! Gotta love a cat, hairballs and all. EEEWWW! Yuck, hairballs!

Oh, and speaking of my challenges, I've finally decided on my rating systems, WOOTS! from the emoticons. I love that little smiley face on legs with arms that go up when he says "WOOT!"
1 WOOT - Boring, skip it unless you need helping sleeping
2 WOOTS - Do able, but needs some work, good story bad telling, disjointed
3 WOOTS - Good story, fair telling, characters need work
4 WOOTS - Good story, good telling, good characters, good for 1 read
5 WOOTS - Great everything, read more by the same author, read again and tell friends...

I'll be posting my reviews the last week of each month. So hopfully I'll 'see' you then.

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