Thursday, January 14, 2010

I finally have Coffee...

I made it to the grocery last night and picked up a few things. At the top of the list was COFFEE! Finally, I'm in heaven. Tomorrow I'm taking the day off and having a four day weekend. I have a few books to read for the challenges I've signed up for. I'm up to three, yeah I know a glutton for punishment, but I do love to read. And they are all three different...this should prove to be fun. Wish me luck. I already have 5 read for two of the challenges, I cheat, the books I'm reading do qualify for both, and one read for the newest challenge.

Once I get started reading this weekend, you guys may not see me till I come up for air, sometime next

It's time to feed the cats and fix dinner, so, Later people have a good weekend.

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