Saturday, January 2, 2010

I have a Favor to ask of everyone who reads this...

If you would be willing, I need to ask for a little of your time. I have found a web sight that helps those who can't help themselves. I'm talking of the animals that we share this Earth with. This request what brought on by a web friends dog, Peaches...the puppy was having tummy problems....after a couple of vet visits it was found out that the dog had intestinal problems that could have killed the puppy, quite painfully. It got me thinking, what is the puppy's owner could not have had the money to pay for the vet's visits, what would the dog had gone through. Peaches is at home now, wearing one of those cones around her neck...I've seen her picture and the poor puppy looks. I don't know, lost, is the best word I can come up for my favor...there is a web site that donates food to shelters across the U.S., all one has to do is click the button on the sight and if you want, they even have a site to shop, they have many cute item's up for sale. Click to Give@ The Animal Rescue the place.... Every time the button is clicked, .6 of a bowl is donated. The more the merrier, so please go to the sight and click away. It doesn't cost any one any money, unless you wish to buy something. I have a pair of amethyst earrings, didn't cost much and have received many complements on.

So if you would consider, please click to feed.

There are other places to visit, on this site,Hunger, Brest Cancer, Rainforest, Child Literacy...any help you want to give I'm sure would be appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.

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