Saturday, January 16, 2010

I know, I know...

I'm supposed to be reading books for the three challenges I have insanely signed up for, but I have re-discovered Shelly Laurenston. I now have 5 of her books on Kindle for PC. Once started I couldn't stop till I've read all 5, in order. She write shifter stories, not were stories, shifter. Shifter lions, shifter tigers, and shifter bears, oh my! They are hilarious. The characters are those you can say, hey, I know someone like that, except they don't grow excessive hair and claws, but I still know that type. Or a few lucky ones may say, hey, I resemble that remark!!!LOL There are a lot of books out there that write about shifter/were's and what have you. Most are pretty good...Kendra Leigh Castle and Carrie Vaughn being two of my fav's. Each has their own style and prose and all are great reads, at time a laugh a min. At time serious. But still great reads. I add Shelly to my list of must haves.

Hope every body has a great weekend...till later...;)

I know...I'll review Shelly's books along with the other's on my challange list...two birds with one stone kind of thing...hee, I'm so good!

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