Friday, January 22, 2010


For me this has been a short week, Monday was one of the many Monday holidays I get to enjoy!  For a short week, it sure was a long one, but it's over now, almost.  Time for the WEEKEND.  To bad it's only 2 days long.  Oh well, better than nothing.

I know I've talked about my cats before and here I go again. (Tells you how interesting my life is...) last night Zero decided to make a bed in my lap.  Which was just fine with me.  Smoky did have problems with his position, his tail, which never stays still, kept smacking her in the face.  I must admit she did put up with it for awhile, then started trying to bite his tail as it passed by. It was funny, smack, bite, smack, bite...finally she gave up and jumped off the bed.  Zero gave her a WTF is your problem look, and just watched her walk away, her tail swishing with every step!!!

Hope everybody had a good and safe weekend.  I'm still reading and will start posting my read next week....

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