Monday, February 1, 2010

It's February, and it's still cold out side...

As I walked to the bus stop this morning the temperature on the IGA sign read, a whopping 22 degrees.  Heat Wave!  Last week is was in the teens with wind chills to give frostbite to a polar bear!  The walk was half way nice this wind.

I'm still working on my reading challenges, and having a great time, especially with DIK's challenge.  I've never written a review on a book I had read.  Had plenty of opinions, but never put anything into writing.  It's been a challenge in it's self.  I don't want to hurt any one's feeling, I want to get across the good/bad things about the books without giving too much away.  I hate spoilers.  It's been a good exercise for me. 

Whoops, brake over, gotta get back to work...See ya later...;)

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