Monday, March 8, 2010

Believe...such a simple word...

whose meaning is very deep and wonderful.  I read a book by Victoria Alexander over the was a re-issue of an earlier book of hers by the same name.  Avon...Historical Romances...373 pgs.  It's a keeper, when I can I will be buying this book and hanging on to it forever!  It's a twist on King Arthur/Holy Grail tale involving Galahad, Merlin and a twenty first century teacher who hates the Middle Ages.  And where does she end up, just because Merlin is bored!  Of course, the middle ages!

I got involved with the book, characters and the story line within the first two pages and enjoyed every moment I was reading till the last page.  This is a book worth reading and re-reading, and reading it again.  I give this book 5+ out of 5 WOOTS!

If anybody sees this, this is a great book. I recommend it, it's a book worth buying!

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