Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The problems with some books is....

they are too darn short!  A few of the books I've gotten for Kindle for PC are more like short stories or novella's than a decent book!  This review of Fantasmagorical by Annmarie McKenna, is one of those too short stories.

Set on an Caribbean island where anything goes sexually, Evan, yes she's a female, goes with her friend to have a blow out, anything goes, no holds barred sexual experience.  Most of her boyfriends have been vanilla in bed and Evan want to see how far she will go to get her fantasies fulfilled.

Gabe and Lance work at the retreat and have a serious relationship going on as well.  Even though they are happy with the status quo, they do want to add a third to their duo.

On the first day at the retreat Evan see Gabe and falls head overheels in lust.  Soon she is cornered by Gabe and Lance and, well all's well that end's well. She submits to their Domination and a Menage is born.

I really liked the idea behind the story, reading it really caused the heat to rise in my apt.  My only complaint would be, it's too dad-burned short!!!!!  I feel cheated, only by the quantity of the story, not the quality.  As usual Ms. McKenna write a good tale, now if she could just expand her page count, I'd been in heaven.

I give Fantasmagorical 4 out of 5 WOOTS, only because it was way too short.

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