Friday, March 19, 2010

Review for a Menage Month Madness...

I read Polar Reaction by Claire Thompson based on the review by Ms. M from the blog The Moonlight to Twilight Blog.  She gave a great review on March 9,2010, go read it, it's a good review.

Welcome back, told you, you would like her review...I was right wasn't I...yeah, thought so.  I decided to my review a little differently.  This story is well written with a lot of heart and sex, sex, and more sex.  Between two to three men who later become more.

The story was good, the sex great, but what attracted me more was the psychological play between three men.  The curiosity of male sex play, the acceptance that it's ...I hesitate to use the term 'normal', but it's the only one that feels right, so, the acceptance that it's normal behavior, the idea of straight, bi-curious, gay...friendship plus, however you want to say it.  For the one 'straight' guy to have feeling that he is unsure of due to his own upbringing and society's mores, the heart ache caused by his confusion. The questioning of his feeling and his fears.  Regardless of who the characters are, male or female, this pain of questioning your own sexuality, of your own soul , rings a bell in each and every one of us.  I doubt there is a person out there who has not questioned something about themselves and how others see them.  We are, after all, only human.

I give Polar Reaction 4.5 out of 5 WOOTS.  It's not for everyone, but should be read at least once by everyone.

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