Thursday, June 24, 2010

Better early than late, DIK Reading Challenge time!!!

Lord of Scoundrels
Loretta Chase
357 pgs.
Historical romance

     Not your typical Historical Romance.  It has all the typical ingredients for a historical romance, but with many twists in the characters and the plot, which makes for a wonder and exciting read.  Yes, it's based in England.  Yes, it involves a Peer of the Realm and the last woman on earth. Or so the main male character would have the reader believe.  As usual the man involved, the Marquess of Dain had the typical harsh English upbringing, but with a twist.  He is a sensitive soul who learns to hide that side of this character through a wild, debauchery type of lifestyle.  And since no one can debauch alone, other males are involved.  One individual, a Lord Trent, who hangs on the coattails and every word uttered by the Marquess, can you say hero worship! No Lord Trent can not afford the Marquess' lifestyle, but would never admit it.  It is his sister, yes that is her, the last woman on earth, who comes to rescue her brother, whether he wants rescuing or not.

     Jessica Trent is a force to be reckoned with.  A certified spinster who enjoys her lifestyle and has planned out a way to keep her life just the way she likes it.  Gotta love her.  The biggest obstacle to achieving her goal is her brother, who in her view, is an idiot.  He has fallen under the influence of an even bigger idiot, the Marquess of Dain and Jessica has taken upon herself to save her brother from himself and the Marquess.

     Once the two main characters meet, sparks and bullets begin to fly.  There is a connection between these two characters that makes the reader really care what happens to them.  One minute you want to smack somebody up side the head and the other you are reaching for a tissue!  Everything works out in the end, just not like one would expect it to.

    I give Lord of Scoundrels 5 WOOTS!!!!! Not only do I recommend this as a great read, I would read it again in the future!


  1. You're actually not early - just right on time!

    I adored LoS so I'm so glad you loved it too. The interactions between the h/h and just made for some wonderful reading!