Friday, July 9, 2010

Does Art Imitate Life or does Life Imitate Art?????

I have recently found J. D. Robb,  aka Nora Roberts.  I like the Dallas/Roarke mysteries. I started with the first book Naked in Death, and am working my way to her latest book...  I'm about mid-way through the series with I came across Loyalty in Death, it struck a chord, a hard chord.

Set in New York City in the future (2058 or so) the premise of the book is terrorism.  This time home grown.  About midway through the book, Dallas, a NYPSD homicide officer requests bomb squad coverage on possible terrorist cites.  Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and the Twin Towers.  When I read that I thought to my self, well shit...they're gone.  Then I looked to see when the book was written, 1999.  Talk about a creepy feeling.  It ended up being....whoops no spoilers...guess you will have to read the book after all...LOL!

I remember a Tom Clancy book a few years back, Debt of Honor (1994 I believe) in it a Japanese business man flew a jumbo jet into the Senate building during a joint session.  90 % of our leaders including the Pres, VP , the Cabinet, were killed. 

There have been other instances where Life copies art, a couple of kids setting a homeless person on fire in a book led to a couple of kids setting a woman on fire.  They didn't like the way she looked at them.

I don't understand why so many can't tell the difference between fact and fiction.  Life and video games.  In a game, people get shot/blown up/ whatever....when it happens in life, they don't get up to die again.  They get buried.  People loose family, bury children, loved ones, sisters, brothers, Mothers, Fathers.  Dead is Dead.  What have 'WE' done to our children?  It's is our responsibility to our children, our community our country, to do the best be can.  The best we can, not  pawn them off on others, blame teachers, the old lady down the street, and only us are the beginnings and the ends.  Yes everybody that child comes into contact with will influence that child, but it's up to us to set the basics down.  Start the molding if you will.

I know I rant, but I do feel strongly about this. It's not the games, or the TV or the movies, it's how we help them deal with what they see and learn.  Age appropriate is not just two words thrown together...use you brains and your emotions and , to me at least, the kid has a better chance at being a better person. It's up to us.  It starts with us.

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