Monday, September 27, 2010

DIK Reading Challenge for September...I can't believe it's September all ready!!!

Soul Deep
Lora Leigh
Ellora's Cave Publications

The only 'problem' I find with the Breed Series...truth is stranger than fiction.  Man's ability to be so arrogant makes this series, very believable. For all of man's arrogance, nature finds a way around man's best and worst intentions.  Nature will not be denied.  After reading these books one has to ask oneself...What if?...

Soul Deep is an erotic love story that gets that blood racing, the temperatures rising, and is worth every drop of sweat!  Lora Leigh know how to engage her readers in a tantalizing tales of man & woman v.s. nature & science.

Kiowa, a coyote breed, the worse of the worse, meets his mate while he is watching her.  No, not stalking, just watching.  She is Amanda, the current President's daughter and the word going round is she is to be kidnapped by extremists to 'encourage' her father not to vote with the Breeds, but against them.  When the kidnapping goes down, Kiowa is the only one who realizes what is going on and comes to the rescue.  In trying to keep Amanda from screaming for help, he kisses her and the hormones hit the fan.

Enough spoilers, nuff said.  Get over it.  Read the book!  Books!  Whatever...the action is wild, the sex is hot and you won't put it down till you're done.  Just keep a glass of cold water close at hand.  The characters are realistic and identifiable.  They have recognizable wants, desires, disappointments, confusion and lust.  Just like 'normal' human beings.  Breeds are called animals by their detractors, humans plus by their supporters.  Which are you?

I recommend Soul Deep and all the other Breed books.  Soul Deep gets 5+ WOOTS!! This on is a re-read keeper.  Who know what our future as a race holds?!?


  1. I really loved this one. I'm not sure what the ultimate attraction is because all of the books are good but this one just does it for me. Something about Kiowa and being a coyote breed and considered "lesser" really made me want to stand up and cheer for him.

    Great review - glad you liked the book. :)

  2. This is my hands down favorite of all the Breed books I've read so far. I loved it!