Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Winning Story

A new story by Jade Lee has all the ear marks of a great read.  W!inning the Bride, due out July 2, 1013, is another feather in her cap! 

The story of Joesphine and Will is a well told story of love, misunderstanding, social strictures and winning.  This is a book of the desire for someone that society says you can't have but you go for anyway! Two people caught up in trying to do the right thing, and destorying themselves in the process.

The truth will set you free, or at least set you free enough to go for what you want.  Joesphine is a dutiful daughter with a free spirit she tries to control to keep her father and mother happy. Will is the second son who now works for the man his sprend thrift older brother sold the family lands to.  When these two unhappy and free spirits meet, the seed for their freedom is sown, they just have to find the courage to set it free.  When Jo's father tries to marry her off to a Scotman, who wan's the land,  but not her, Will throws caution to the wind and his hat in the ring.  Blocked at every turn, Will determines to seduce Jo, marry her and get his families land back.  His introudcing her to seduction and loving is told in a very passionate way, hot, but not erotic. I'd keep a glass of ice water at hand, if I were you.

A book worth reading, and if the series continues, which I think it will, worth re-reading as the new books come out.

Sorry about the typos, I'm trying to get this done before I leave on vacation...and my cat and computer are not co-operating! 

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