Monday, January 25, 2010

DIK Challenge 2010-January Review


Wow, writing up a review is hard.  I don't like to give too much away but still want to get the essence on paper.  This is my first review, so be patient with me.  Thanks.

The Man Must Marry
Janet Chapman
340 pgs.
PocketStar Books
November 2008
Modern Romance

     A sweet and quirky tale of two opposites who are attracted to each other, but one lets her part keep her from living her future.

     As a favor to an older man she has only known from six weeks, Willamina Kent travels to New York City from Keelstone Cove, Maine to proxy vote Abram Sinclair's shares in his company, Tidewater International.  At stake is a world-wide shipping company and it's employees.  Up for grabs is the position of CEO of the company, the men up for the position are Abram's three grandsons.

     From the very first, Willamina, is out of her element.  Willa is a woman who owns her own business, hand made custom caskets, in a small town on the coast of Maine.  Though she is a very good business woman, Willa is sure the city is out to get her, never having been in heels before, she is a tad klutzy.  Even the elevators at Tidewater seemed to be out to get her.  One eats her luggage as she exits it to head for the board meeting.  And that is a good day.

     As Sam Sinclair, grandson number one, notes in the opening of the book...
     "Abram sent them a partridge!  Her hair, which probably started out as a neat bun, was disassembling around her face.  Though she couldn't be a day older than thirty, the shapeless brown suit she was waring was more appropriate for someone twice her age.  half of the blouse hung out below the jacket.  Both of her stockings had runs, the overnight bag at her feet the culprit.  The woman truly resembles a partridge, her plain brown feathers rumpled and sadly outdated.
     She looked exactly like a Willamina."

     There are more laughs and huggable moments throughout the book.  It's a sweet story of self discovery and finding love in the most unexpected places.  The characters are well developed and believable.  You want to fuss at them at times because they seem so real and you want to help keep them from messing up their lives anymore than they already have.  Sound familiar, maybe to close to home.  I think that is one the the more endearing qualities of the book.  I can imagine myself in their shoes.

     I give this book 4 out of 5 WOOTS.


  1. Thanks Jessica! You did great for your first review. I remember I was shaking in my boots the first time I wrote one. Believe me, it gets easier as you go. :)

    This sounds like a cute book - I'll have to check it out myself. :)

  2. Nice review Jessica! I'm planning to read this soon. Good to know you gave it 4 WOOTS. :)